Workshop or other production facilities

Tilt-up gate can achieve excellent heat saving and save time because it does not ask anyone to open-close-hold …
A built-in element of energy efficiency and insulation will not allow to worry about the amount of bills for heating – thermal conductivity (heat resistance) PP gates are nearly identical modern windows! Are you engaged in the production of large format products?

Lift gates – your choice! We can produce a gate of almost any size, up to 4 meters wide and up to 4 meters high. But the main advantage – such automatic gates can be opened and closed many times a day because the modern electric drives and the construction of gates themselves are for the most intense operation
Car wash and car service

A successful car wash or car service is not possible without a solid customer and a solid customer appreciates the security of the entry. Lifting and swinging doors ensure fast entry and exit, help keep the heat in the rooms and ensure a pleasant working environment for the staff. Gates for car washing are normally painted according to a special technology, which offers increased corrosion protection.
The system of reliable electric drives allows you to open and close the gate hundreds of times per shift, either with key pendants or with press buttons. The use of modern safety systems do not allow the gate, when the way of leaf movement to close, an obstacle is recognized, be it a person or a car.