Why pandas are black and white?

Thanks to its memorable black and white color, large pandas have become perhaps the most famous bears in the whole world. And for a long time, experts could not understand in any way, why do these animals need a combination of colors so different from each other? Such color among other animals is extremely rare, so its evolutionary purpose was not fully understood.

But now a group of scientists from the California Institute is ready to answer that the pandas are black and white for successful camouflage both in the shade of the trees and in the snow.
It is interesting: it would be more correct to call the panda’s color black-and-white, but white-black: after all, there is much more white wool on their body.

During the study, experts compared the coloring of a panda with the coloring of other 195 terrestrial mammals (including 39 subspecies of bears) and concluded that the vast majority of them need coloring exclusively for camouflage in their habitat. For pandas that live in mountain forests bordering on snowy areas, a white and black coloring is the most successful solution.

Now it is this version that is a priority in the matter of pandas, pushing aside such assumptions as insect protection, regulation of heat exchange or assistance in communication with each other.