What is the color of blue in clothing?

The blue color, like the universal green color. With the cold type of person, he will be combined on the basis of similarity, and warm the principle of contrast, because the cold color of all.

Blue has a unique ability to give coolness to any color adjacent to it. However, it is possible to assign tones that radiate low, almost intangible heat. The blue heat will add the colors of the spectrum, such as yellow and greener.
How to determine whether this is your color or not “going” to you?

For a while, look for what color model it is and what fashion magazines recommend. The appearance of each person is individual and does not always fit into predefined types and categories. All you need is a large mirror, a spare time and a window that gives a pretty natural color.

Performing an audit of a closet, collecting everything there is interested in colors and shades close to it, light and dark, bright and faded. Blue and sky-blue, turquoise and lavender, blue and celadon blue, do not forget to grab a purple and purple, wear a mirror curtains and tablecloths, towels and blankets if you are interested in color or very similar colors. Attach the fabric to the face, cover it and look in the mirror if you get this version of the blue face.