See as fashion accessories: Trends in the fall

Bells are no longer functional objects, we can not even watch the clock for a while, but we sat on them every morning. Beautiful watches with a spectacular bracelet have become a fashion accessory along with handbags, sunglasses and jewelry. When they choose them, they do not rely more often on technical features, but on the style of clothing and fashion trends of the season. What will be relevant this fall?

1. Futurism
Designers proclaimed – the future has come. One of the most popular trends in the design of watches – futurism in all its forms: from the use of high-tech materials for body production, finishing with modern electronics to create a “stuffing”. Fantastic architecture watch resembles a spaceship or ancient objects, it seems that these accessories come from the future of movies, and this is the truth: the design of many models made by artists working for the film industry.

2. Minimalism
Unlike household fiction, stylists offer us a minimalist clock. These laconic shapes, plain lanyards tidy, simplified the switches with a broadly marked division instead of numbers and often completely without them. The smell of such watches in materials: natural leather, gold, silver and, of course, precise and reliable mechanisms.