Remember how fun balloons flew up when we were kids? How did we like to eat ice cream? And with what impatience did they unfold the gifts that Father Frost brought to us?

The world that we saw for the first time, fresh and fresh impressions, is beautiful. But there is nothing to compare the joy that we experience when for the first time we can capture a fragment of this wonderful world on paper, the happiness that drawing lessons for children give. That’s it – with a pencil or a brush in hand, transferring to paper the imaginative cloud, a tree or a cat – we first touch the Beautiful. After all, the person who follows the path of Art, retains vivid sensations, originality of perception for life. We sometimes so want to help the child to take the first steps on this path, open the door to the magical world before him.

Children draw as they breathe: they have a natural talent that private drawing lessons help to reveal and enrich. The main thing in drawing lessons for children is not to frighten off the first interest, to awaken in the child the craving for new discoveries, for self-improvement.