How to be with growth?

Point two: evaluate yourself, in order to understand what to hide and what to show. Here the main question concerns growth: if it is average, there will be no problems, but what if the height of the male is not more than 1.6 m or vice versa – starts at 1.9 m? In fact, this – and not a problem, if you know, “under what sauce” to submit themselves.

So, point one – low growth, how with it “to struggle”?

A vertical strip on the shirt, a suit in a thin stripe and strict shoes with a narrow (but not elongated) toe – that’s salvation.
Monotonous things are also the choice of the men of Napoleon’s growth (or Louis de Funes – whoever they like).
Black, dark blue, dark gray – perfect colors.
Spacious clothing – for tall, short-haired men should be preferred narrower, fitted with elongated models of jackets and narrow trousers.
A wide tie – no, narrow and long – yes.

How to deal with tall men? If low people have the sense to use more black in the wardrobe (which is why it slim, which visually “pulls” the figure), it means that it is better to give it up. In favor of light gray or green shades. Instead of a vertical strip, horizontal is needed, instead of narrow clothing – spacious. It is very good to visually balance the growth of a tall man with contrasts (visual “splitting” of the image).
Work on bugs

With growth it is clear, with color and style – too. Its brand, of course, will have to be looked for (by those who have not yet discovered it, at least). But this is not all: even the most recognized mods in making certain images make mistakes. How to get around the newcomer? In fact, there is nothing complicated, for starters – 5 popular stylistic errors:

Jeans (colored trousers) with high waist – a choice not for everyone;
Socks can be both yellow and scarlet, but shoes are better to choose classic colors (black, gray, white, brown);
If the suit, then only in size, if the shirt, then after fitting;
The tie must be able to choose;
A lot of black color – it makes sense to avoid (not to be seen as a closed and boring person): bright accents (tie, handkerchief, scarf) have not harmed anyone yet.

It is very important to understand the materials of different products. It will not be superfluous to learn successful and unsuccessful combinations of contrasting or similar colors before buying. But the main thing – do not give up experiments. To correct a stylistic error it is possible always, and here to pass to stylish – destiny only those who searches and tries.