When to change suspension springs? Service life, malfunction.

In modern transport, the suspension consists of many components. Each part performs a specific function. One of the important elements of the suspension are shock absorbers, which consist of a spring, the pillar and the shock absorber. It is the shock absorber in the whole that makes it possible to compensate for defects on the road – it absorbs shocks and vibrations. In addition, if the spring or shock absorber fails, you not only hear every hole and hummock on the road, but movement on the vehicle becomes unsafe, because the car on every roughness of the road surface breaks off from the ground or as they say – “the car does not keep the road “.

Of course, the life of the springs is much greater than the shock absorbers, if the shock absorber or shock absorber has a warranty period of more than 20 thousand, and with good roads can walk and 50. That spring (qualitative) can serve more than 200 thousand and at the same time lose in rigidity and the car will become lower, especially if you were carrying heavy loads.
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What does the engine warning light indicate?

This is a signal that the on-board diagnostic system has detected a malfunction in the emission, ignition or combustion systems of the vehicle. It could be something as simple as a loose plug or something as serious as a bad catalytic converter, so you should not ignore it.

All modern cars have a on-board diagnostic that is supposed to detect engine-related issues that affect emission control systems. The engine control light (typically with the shape of a yellow or orange engine) should light up for a few seconds each time the engine starts, along with other spies. If it remains on, it means there is a problem to be detected and resolved.
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Gaskets / Sealing ring at very good prices

We find gaskets practically in all areas of the car, inside and out. Despite being in most cases invisible at first glance, the gaskets are essential for proper operation of the vehicle. In their absence, various pollutants could penetrate some critical areas freely, there would be leakage of liquids, including oil, fuel, etc. Without seals, the guide could not be safe and the engine would be in serious danger. Because these elements are distinguished by their type and function, it is very important to know how to differentiate them. Generally, a distinction is made between contact gaskets and non-contact gaskets.
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Therefore, the hydraulic system

The power steering pump is often put into operation by means of the belts which actuate the water pump and therefore does not depend on the generator. This is mainly due to the engineers’ willingness to minimize fuel consumption due to the fact that the power reduction pump is always active. A modern pump fails to work economically to limit as much as possible fuel consumption. As already mentioned, the power steering pump operates in a continuous manner since each of the motion steering wheel requires its engagement. Nevertheless, its spectrum maximum performance is rarely used.
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How can you keep your car in business for as long as possible

If Mickey Mouse readers, but car lovers are sure to know, a symbol of car longevity: the old Donald Duck 313 that despite the cracks, it’s always possible to fix it and come back as new to every new story. How many of your friends will have to end their “tarraming”, perhaps old, but hundreds of thousands of kilometers behind true paths?
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Care and maintenance of car air conditioners

The car air conditioner is a complex mechanism, requiring constant attention. It is required to constantly monitor the condition of the system and follow certain rules of care to prevent problems that require expensive repairs, and even replace the main units and assemblies.
From this follows the need to meet the deadlines for preventive periodic maintenance, where specialists will diagnose, service and fill the “correct” refrigerant, replace compressor oil (refueling of air conditioners involves mandatory system vacuuming). Maintenance of the car is recommended at least once a year, preferably in the autumn and in a reliable car service. Do not postpone the diagnosis until next summer. Over the winter, the slightest leak of refrigerant can lead to big problems.
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Repair of exhaust system of cars

Important! Replacement of the exhaust system, in particular such part of it as a catalytic converter, is strongly discouraged by the “popular” method. Namely: replacement of the catalyst by “similar” from another model, but very similar. This leads to the result that you get a reduction in power, the accuracy of the engine management system, unstable idling, and, as a result, the failure of the engine. Doubtful savings.
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Thanks to this system, supply of original spare parts

At the same time the original parts are produced not only for the needs of where assembles, but also for regional warehouses, which provide warranty and post-warranty service of automobiles. Dealers today are also the most reliable to order original spare parts for the car, because in this case there is no risk to get on counterfeit products.
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