Care and maintenance of car air conditioners

The car air conditioner is a complex mechanism, requiring constant attention. It is required to constantly monitor the condition of the system and follow certain rules of care to prevent problems that require expensive repairs, and even replace the main units and assemblies.
From this follows the need to meet the deadlines for preventive periodic maintenance, where specialists will diagnose, service and fill the “correct” refrigerant, replace compressor oil (refueling of air conditioners involves mandatory system vacuuming). Maintenance of the car is recommended at least once a year, preferably in the autumn and in a reliable car service. Do not postpone the diagnosis until next summer. Over the winter, the slightest leak of refrigerant can lead to big problems.

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The dimensions of the garage door

The parameter input field is dependent on easier entry into the Auto Box. Also take into account the height of the ramp (if any), which facilitates access to the garage. The dimensions of the opening correspond to the width and height of the structure.
Requirements for a standard garage door

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What to wear with the dress color

mustard shade clothes closets are often present in women who prefer spectacular and evocative images. Particularly interesting look all kinds of dresses mustard color. This allows the colors to wear this wardrobe piece for any event. You just have to learn how to choose accessories and outerwear.

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Basic facial treatment

Today, there are a lot of trends in make-up, but the main thing is always the same – pure radiant skin, which is really available to everyone without exception, if properly and regularly take care of themselves.

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Repair of exhaust system of cars

Important! Replacement of the exhaust system, in particular such part of it as a catalytic converter, is strongly discouraged by the “popular” method. Namely: replacement of the catalyst by “similar” from another model, but very similar. This leads to the result that you get a reduction in power, the accuracy of the engine management system, unstable idling, and, as a result, the failure of the engine. Doubtful savings.

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On the office chair, perhaps, bear the greatest responsibility

First, the employees themselves most of the time engaged in sedentary work. Because impractical neergonomichnoe office chair will negatively affect the quality of the work of the whole team: a man plagued by pain in the back, shoulders and neck – not the best worker. Secondly, customers and potential partners usually begin his acquaintance with the company and its employees with the fact that they offer to sit down – and if they have to sit in an uncomfortable, lame and slovenly kind design, talk, most likely, do not ask. Third, thoughtful style Interior spectacular furniture from quality materials support office image, gives the feeling that things are going upwards.

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With filler we identify what is still looking?

Cover material for the ceilings must be sufficiently tight. In this case, it is a low weight to be respiratory and have. It is better if the covering material is natural. You must also ensure that the filler is not knocked out of the lid. This applies in particular to ceilings and down and feathers.

Check how quilting and when the filler is evenly distributed.

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